Good news for the diabetics in Romania:
SC Hainan Taihe Science and Medical Technique is a factory which produces especially WSJ-B devices for diabetes that develop a magnetic field.


A. According to Chinese traditional medicine you must consume Jin-Yu food for the health protection during the treatment with this device(twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast take three pills each from number 1 and 2, at 30 minutes after dinner take three pills each from number 3 and 4).

The patients who take diabetes medicine must stop administering them.
Test the blood sugar each 5 days, before meals, preferably in the morning. When the blood sugar reaches 5 mmol/l (normal level), Jin-Yu must be reduced by a quarter each and gradually until zero, as long as the device is used for treatment.


B. For the patients who take insulin, if they consume Jin-Yu supplements as treatment they have to reduce the insulin injection down to 1/3 at the beginning of the treatment.

Then it must be reduced gradually, until it reaches zero, in accordance with the blood sugar level drop. Once you stop administering insulin you must reduce the Jin-Yu supplements, if the blood sugar level remains normal constantly.
The level of the blood sugar must be tested before and after meals every 5 days.
When the level of the blood sugar remains constantly normal, the supplements may be reduced to zero, and the device is used as the only way of treatment.


C. Before beginning the treatment you must remember the following:

For the first 5 treatments, 15 minutes after starting the device on the higher intensity, the transducers B, C and D/D must be switched on a lower intensity. Beginnings from the sixth treatment connect the device at the lower intensity after 20 minutes.
No bath is allowed within 40 minutes after treatment with the device.



WSJ-B Spin-Magnetic Therapeutic Device has been proven to be an effective treatment for both type I and II diabetes. The device, when used in combination with a specially formulated diet of Chinese health food supplements, is a complete biotherapy treatment with a clinically proven 93, 3% success rate.

The treatment is a substitute for traditional chemical therapies, most importantly eliminating the need for insulin. By using the WSJ-B, diabetes patients can avoid the negative side effects of insulin and other traditional chemical therapies. Because of his great contribution towards the betterment and improvement of the quality of life of Diabetic patients, Mr. Wang Shijie, V inventor of the WSJ-B Spin-Magnetic for Diabetic Therapy, was awarded the Huatuo Golden Award at the Global Chinese Medical Conference in 1999. Chinese President Hu Jintao recognized the significance of his invention, and recognized Mr. Wang as one of the Chinese Top Hundred Inventors in 2004.


WSJ-B Spin-Magnetic Therapy is based on the Jingluo theory of Chinese traditional medicine. It is also supported by various sciences including electronics, physiology and neurology. The primary methodology of the device is spin-magnetic, a technology originally developed for aerospace, which generates powerful microcosmic energy. The WSJ-B utilizes transducers to focus this energy to eight key acupuncture points on the body, resulting in a biological adjustment to the body’s metabolism and organ activity.
By normalizing body functions, the device improves cellular activity within internal organs, strengthens the autoimmune system, and corrects the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fat. Overall, metabolic equilibrium is re-established.
Additionally, the application of spin-magnetic to these acupuncture points, damage to pancreas islets is repaired. Applying increased amounts of energy improves microcirculation throughout the body, and corrects irregularities in the glucose carrier gene of the pancreas islet cells, which leads to normal segmentation and reproduction. Excretion and distribution of insulin by the pancreas is normalized, and reproduction of the pancreas islet is ultimately realized.



Base Unit

  1. Treatment timer
  2. "A" Transducer Strong/Weak indicator light
  3. "B" Transducer Strong/Weak indicator light
  4. "C" Transducer Strong/Weak indicator light
  5. "D" Transducer Strong/Weak indicator light
  6.  Power indicator light
  7. Power fuse
  8. Power switch
  9. Power plug
  10. "A" Transducer Connector
  11. "B" Transducer Connector
  12. "C" Transducer Connector
  13. "D" Transducer pair Connectors (2)
  14. Remote control unit connector

Remote Control Unit

  1. "A" Transducer Treatment Strength Increase
  2. "B" Transducer Treatment Strength Increase
  3. "C" Transducer Treatment Strength Increase
  4. "D" Transducer Treatment Strength Increase
  5. "A" Transducer Treatment Strength Decrease
  6. "B" Transducer Treatment Strength Decrease
  7. "C" Transducer Treatment Strength Decrease
  8. "D" Transducer Pair Treatment Strength Decrease
  9. Increase Treatment Time
  10. Decrease Treatment Time


  1. "A" Transducer
  2. "B" Transducer
  3. "C" Transducer
  4. "D" Transducers (Pair)

Front Side of the WSJ-B

  1. Timing screen
  2. Strong-weak indicator screen for transducer A
  3. Strong-weak indicator screen for transducer B
  4. Strong-weak indicator screen for transducer C
  5. Strong-weak indicator screen for transducer D
  6. Power indicator light

Back Side of the WSJ-B

  1. Input receiver jack for the remote controller
  2. Output for transducer A
  3. Output for transducer B
  4. Output for transducer C
  5. Output for transducer D
  6. Power switch
  7. Power safety valve seat
  8. 220V power plug-in

WSJ-B Remote Control

  1. Timing: increase
  2. Timing: decrease
  3. Stronger for transducer A
  4. Weaker for transducer A
  5. Stronger for transducer B
  6. Weaker for transducer B
  7. Stronger for transducer C
  8. Weaker for transducer C
  9. Stronger for transducer D
  10. Weaker for transducer D


Acupuncture points for transducer "A"
Function of A and its effects

Put transducer A on Mingmen and Shenyu acupuncture points, through inputting of the rotating magnetic field and the micro universe energy, the metabolism speed of kidney cells could be fastened. Refreshes blood flushes the patient’s organs and fills in natural fiber veins of human body, which results in the recovery of normal physical functions of the organs.
Point indicated to fix transducer A on Mingmen acupuncture point

Acupuncture points for transducers "B" and "C"

Point indicated to fix transducer B on Qimen acupuncture point
Point indicated to fix transducer C on Shenque acupuncture point

Acupuncture points for "D" transducers
Function of D/D and their effects

Fix transducer D/D on Yongquan acupuncture points on feet. Considering that Yongquan acupuncture point is controlling Jingxue of Shaoyin energy of the micro universe is delivered to kidney through Yongquan acupuncture point. The metabolism of kidney cells is enhanced therefore. The symptom of over drinking and over urinating produced by diabetics is effectively released.

Point indicated to fix transducer D on Yongquan acupuncture point.


  1. Insert transducer A plug into the transducer A output connector on back of unit.
  2. Insert transducer B plug into the transducer B output connector on back of unit.
  3. Insert transducer C plug into the transducer C output connector on back of unit.
  4. Insert transducer D plug into the transducer D output connector on back of unit.
  5. Connect remote control unit using the remote control connector on back of unit.
  6. Plug power cable into back of unit and apply power.
  7. Turn on the power switch. The power indicator will turn green. The Treatment Timer will reset to 00. All transducer indicator lights will turn on.
  8. Press the Treatment Timer (+) button until the desired treatment time appears on the Treatment Timer display. The normal treatment time is 40 minutes.
  9. Lie down in a comfortable position. Prepare to place transducers on the acupuncture points.
    Note: transducers are to be placed directly on the skin. Treatment will be compromised if there is anything between the transducer and the skin surface. Refer to the acupuncture point drawings on pages 2-2 when placing the traducers.
  10. Place transducer A on the Mingmen acupuncture point on your waist.
  11. Place transducer B on the Qimen acupuncture point (the projective position of the pancreas)
  12.  Place transducer C across the Shenfa, Oihai and Guan Yuan points.
  13. Put one D transducer on the Yong Quan acupuncture point of each foot.
  14. Adjust the treatment strength of the transducers using the Increase Treatment Strength and Decrease Treatment strength buttons to your desired level. The intensity of each transducer is displayed on the treatment strength display on the front of the unit. A red light indicates strong treatment level, and green indicates weak treatment level.
  15. Adjust the treatment level of transducer A using the treatment adjust buttons to your desired comfort level.
  16. Adjust the treatment level of transducer B using the treatment adjust buttons so that the temperature is not uncomfortably high after at least 20 minutes of treatment.
  17. Adjust the treatment level of transducer C using the treatment adjust buttons so that the temperature is not uncomfortably high after at least 20 minutes of treatment.
  18. Adjust the treatment level of transducer D using the treatment adjust buttons to your desired comfort level.
  19. The treatment is finished when the treatment timer counts down to 00 (normally 40 minutes). At this time, the transducer A display will go dim, and an alarm will sound signaling the end of the treatment. The power indicators for the other transducers will remain lit, but all transducers power is turned off when the alarm sounds. Turn off power and remove the transducers.

Treatment Information

  1. One treatment period is thirty days. At a minimum, use one treatment per day. For more serious diabetes cases, increase the number of treatments to two or three times per day. Three treatment periods are generally required before blood sugar levels will stabilize. After they are stable, continue treatment or 3 months to consolidate the result, after which treatments can be reduced to 1-3 times per week.
  2. Best results are obtained when treatment is done on an empty stomach.
  3. The transducers should be cool before each treatment. The base unit may be used repeatedly, but transducers must have time to cool between treatments when multiple patients are treated in quick succession (such as in hospitals and clinics). In these cases, one or two extra sets of transducers should be available and changed between treatments.
  4. According to Chinese Medicine theory, as it applies to Spin-Magnetic therapy, special health supplements must be taken in conjunction with the WSJ-B therapy to achieve expected results.
  5. Chemical medications should be discontinued during treatment. Blood sugar levels should be tested every 5 days, and when it reaches 5 mmol/L (normal level), the health supplements is to be reduced by 1/3.
    Gradually, the health food supplements should be eliminated completely from the diet, provided blood sugar levels remain normal. From that point forward, only the WSJ-B is required for ongoing treatment.
  6. For those taking insulin, when starting the WSJ-B treatment and health food supplements, insulin injection should be immediately reduced by 1/3. As blood sugar levels drop, insulin injections are reduced until injections are no longer taken at all. Test blood sugar levels before and after each meal every five days. When blood sugar levels are stable and normal, gradually reduce the use of the health food supplements until they are no longer taken. From that point forward, only the WSJ-B is required for ongoing treatment.
  7. During the first five treatments, set the B, C and D transducers to high-intensity for fifteen minutes, and then switch to low. From the sixth treatment, change the level to low after twenty minutes. Do not bathe for at least 40 minutes after treatment.
  8. Before treatment starts, measure body weight, and blood sugar, uric sugar, blood fat and insulin discharge tests. During treatment, blood sugar must be tested every week, and insulin discharge tests should be performed every 1 or 2 months.
  9. Before and after each treatment, drink an 300-500 ml glass of warm water.
  10. Adjust the temperature of B, C and D transducers if they become uncomfortably warm to avoid possible burnings of patients skin.
  11. Make sure A, B, C and both D transducers are plugged in and power for detector A is switched off before turning on power to the WSJ-B.


The WSJ-B is an effective non-invasive therapy that is safe to use. However, failure to follow basic precautions can result in ineffective treatment or minor burns. The following precautions must be followed:

  1. The transducers are heavy and should be handled carefully. Transducers should be placed gently on the body.
  2. Dropping transducers can cause damage. If transducers are dropped, they should be returned to factory for inspection and/or replacement.
  3. Do not use this device without a properly grounded power outlet.
  4. Nursing staff is necessary when used for small children or adults who have numbness or are not sensitive to temperature change.
  5. Do not use this device within one hour of meals, if you are pregnant, bleeding heavily, are inclined to bleeding, or are suffering from other serious disease such as ketosis acid toxicosis, acute myocardial infarction.

Treatment Indicators

  1. After several days of treatment, redness and purple freckles will appear on the skin at the Qimen acupuncture point, where transducer B is used. This is a normal response indicating the early stage of recovery of the pancreas. Skin will return to normal during the later stages of treatment.
  2. During treatment, some patients may feel uncomfortable or minor pain/aches around certain organs due to increased blood flow. This symptom can be worse with poorly functioning organs. These symptoms will subside after continued use.
  3. During the treatment process, various symptoms will appear that vary depending on the level of illness, type and amount of medications taken, and overall health of the patient. Common symptoms include:
  4. Dramatic decreases in blood sugar levels. This is ideal.
  5. The blood sugar level decreases to normal levels, with small fluctuations occurring throughout the treatment period. Over time, blood sugar levels will stabilize to normal levels.
  6. In rare cases, symptoms appear normal but blood sugar levels increase rather than decrease. Although total treatment time will be longer in this instance, continued treatment will eventually bring blood sugar levels down to normal, stabilized levels.

Transducers Functions

By placing transducer A on Mingmen and Shenyu acupuncture points, application of the rotating magnetic field and the microcosmic energy, the metabolic speed of kidney cells is increased. Properly filtered blood flushes organs and veins, resulting in recovery of normal physical organ function.

By placing transducer B on the Qimen acupuncture point, pancreatic cell damaged is repaired, which accelerates metabolization of blood and oxygen, stabilizes glucose tolerance factors, and increases glucose transporter gene efficiency.

Transducer C is applied to the Shenque acupuncture point, the Qihai acupuncture point, and the Guan Yuan acupuncture point. Microcosmic energy of each of the body’s organs is filled from these points, which regulates body tissue functions.

There are two D transducers. One is placed on each of the Yongquan acupuncture points of the foot. The Yongquan acupuncture point controls the Jingxue of Shaoyin energy within the micro-universe, and this energy is delivered to the kidney through Yongquan acupuncture point. The metabolism of kidney cells is therefore improved, which remedies the problem diabetics often have of over-drinking and excessive urination.


  1. Power Supply: 220VAC±22V, 50HZ ±1,50W
  2. Transducer A Voltage:3-15 VDC
  3. Transducer B and C Voltage:18-37 VDC
  4. Transducer D Voltage:12-28 VAC
  5. Maximum magnetic intensity: 0.02 T
  6. Transducer A Maximum Current: 500 ma
  7. Transducer B, C and D Temperature: 35oC to 50oC
  8. Safety protection: transducers are disabled if power is interrupted while unit is in operation and power is restored within ten minutes.
  9. Timer accuracy ±1%
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