The commercial society LI MING IMPEX SRL from Bucharest is thinking of the diabetics, their concerns being our concerns.

So that the diabetics all over the world can live a normal life, our firm imports from the society Hainan Taihe in China the device for treating and curing diabetes through the magnetic field, type Jiren Taihe WSJ-B.
We will present you the principles of functioning:

The device was achieved by scientific and technical studies of the highest level and includes producing a type of energy that is applied over important energetic centers of the human body, the same as in acupuncture treatments.

The magnetic energy produced by the device acts in a good way over the circulation of the pancreas and improves the reproduction of the pancreatic cells, so that the pancreas can reach a normal level of insulin secretion.

Doctor Wang, a specialist in Chinese traditional medicine, who is an associate of Li Ming Impex SRL, has contact all the time with chief engineer Wang Shijie, who works at the producing firm in China and who also is the inventor of this device, as well as with director of this company.

They have confirmed the curative functions of the devices type 1 and 2 for the diabetes, as well as for its complications.

Short presentation of the producing company
The commercial society Hainan Taihe Science and Medical Technique has its headquarters in Haikou city, island Hainan in south of China, in the international industry development area Xiuying Gang Ao (Hong Kong and Macao).It's a firm which produces medical devices and has as the object of activity, besides the production of medical devices, scientific research and trading.


The department of technical-scientific development, in collaboration with two chief engineers of two institutes of research, with an academician from a scientific research institute, with three scientific leaders, doctors in science, with six research doctors in science and eight researchers, among with many specialists in medicine, with the support of The University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, of The University of Medical Science in Beijing, of the National Ministry of Aero spatial Technique and aeronautics and of the National Ministry of Electronic Industry, for more than ten years of hard work, with expenses that reach about one million euro, has successfully succeeded to achieve the device for curing diabetes by spin-magnetic field called WSJ-B.

In order to produce this device it's used a Sony production line from Japan, the used technique being at a highly advanced level worldwide. After being made, the device was tested in specialized medical institutions and it was proven the fact that the device has visible treatment functions of diabetes type 1 and 2 and for its complications, the percentage of cases where the results were obvious being of 93,3.

Cup Hua Tuo

The device uses the principle both internal and external treatment, which means administering nutritional supplements for health preserving, associated with applying the therapy of the green organisms. Doing that, it was possible to totally replace the addictance of the medical substances for sugar blood decreasing, avoiding the opposite effects of the chemical substances and the injuries they produce among the liver and kidneys, by building a green island for the diabetics with no hope of curing.
In 2004, the inventor of this device, Mr. Wang Shijie received as award a golden statue for his invention, and on his diploma the president of China wrote: Chinese invention. At the same time, at the Worldwide Chinese Organization, the device received the highest distinction: Cup Hua Tuo.
The device stimulates the oxygen metabolism from the blood by rebuilding the pancreas cells.

Other diploms:



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