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The device for curing diabetes WSJ-B is based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine about the energetic meridians used in acupuncture, assimilating theories from electronics, physics, energetic and neurology, by making all these sciences work together, among with microelements used in scientific doses.

With the help of spatial technique of the spin-magnetic waves, it stimulates the production and emission of miraculous energies, by the shape of a powerful energetic field of a small universe.

By using the elements A, B, C and D to act separately on the eight energetic centers of the human body, you can adjust its biological functions, you can increase the life level of cells and tissues in the internal organs, the immunity functions and the metabolism of glucids, parotids and lipids, accomplishing a functional balance.

By constantly supplementing with energy the pancreas which already has damaged cells, it can help it rebuild the number of healthy cells by strengthening the function of glucose transporting genes and by improving the circulation at the pancreatic cells, it stimulates the blood oxygen metabolism and helps the cells organization in the pancreas by dividing and multiplying the pancreatic cells.

This way, the insulin secretion function, removing and transporting it, reaches an ideal level, the next step being to accomplish the rebuilding capacity of the pancreas.



I. Discharges the energetic meridians and stimulates the blood circulation

Chinese traditional medicine considers that the pathological changes that take place in the body that suffers from diabetes, mainly take place in the lungs, the golden saxifrage (including the stomach) and kidneys, but especially on the kidneys level.

This is because the kidneys are the organs where water and fire mix together, up, and after the vaporization the water transforms into body fluids. If the lungs get these fluids, the thirst feeling disappears, and if the stomach receives them the hunger sensation disappears.

If the vaporized water arrives in the urinary bladder it's eliminated among with the noxious substances produced by the cellular burns.

If the kidneys (which are considered to be the water element) are showing a deficit and the fire becomes too strong, the balance between fire and water is deteriorated and inevitably causes damage to the body fluids, the blood circulation becomes deficient, which leads to blockings in the blood veins and energetic meridians. That's why the disease manifests by forming clots of blood, creating the structure for the base of other complications that appear at diabetics.

Starting from the Chinese traditional medicine's theory to treat the kidneys first, at the beginning you put transducer A on the points Ming men (gate of life) and Shenshu (kidneys points), and with the help of the spin-magnetic waves and the mini-universe, the energetic field penetrates inside by accelerating the metabolic process at the renal cells level, making the vital energy, the blood and body fluids to fill inside the organs, and outside to irrigate the skin, these processes leading to the recovery of the biological functions.

By placing the transducer D on the points Guan Yuan (everlasting fountain), because these points are called fountains on the Shoo-in meridian (leg kidneys), through transducer D the energy from the energetic field of the mini-universe produced by the device, is lead into the kidneys and strengthens the metabolic functions, with direct effects on the symptoms that make the ill to drink a lot of liquids and urinate a lot.

II. Balances the Yin and Yang energy, stimulates the metabolism of the blood oxygen.

Recent medical studies have proven the fact that because of hereditary factors, environmental factors, biological factors, of the factors of the way of life or the mental factors, in the diabetics body take place important changes that lead to blocking metabolic functions and produce deficiencies of microelements that are vital in the body, the glucose endurance decreases and the yin-yang balance of the internal organs is dysfunctional.

In the incipient stage this lack of balance manifests by a yin deficit that leads to a yang excess, dryness and inner heat which produces damage to the body fluids; in the medium stage of the disease the yin deficit appears and it affects the vital energy, and in consequence a double deficit : of yin and of energy.

In the final stage of this disease the manifestation is a yin deficit which affects the yang, the consequence being a double deficit of yin and yang.

By this we can see how the diabetes complications develop gradually and appear stealthily, they evolve more and more and aggravate gradually to dangerous stages. During the treatment, the B transducer is placed on the projection point of the pancreas (Qimen and Riyue), causing the damaged cells in the pancreas, under the straight effect of the energy produced by the device, to recover and this way the oxygen metabolism from the blood that flows in the pancreas tissues to be stimulated, and the glucose endurance factors to be stabilized, increasing the effects of the genes that provide the glucose transportation. By improving the circulation from the level of the pancreas cells, it stimulates the normal division of the cells and reproduces them.

On the other hand, because of the frequency of the B transducer, during the treatment the excitement of the patient's sympathetic nerves is blocked and the stimulation of the vaguely sympathetic nerve is stimulated (because the vague nerve supports the pancreas secretion to organize the pancreatic insulates), and so it controls the blood sugar level, the adrenalin and the secretions of the suprarenal cortex, by eliminating the insulin endurance of the cellular tissues and improving the environment terms for the insulin reception.

At the same time the sensitivity towards insulin of the cellular tissues is quickly increased, the insulin production is stimulated, the ability of glucose transformation is promoted, the usage of the sugar in the blood is fastened and the spreading of the hepatic glycogen is stopped, having as a clear result the dropping of the blood sugar level and the recovery of the pancreas functions.

III. Adjusts and harmonizes the vital energy and the blood, treats the three consumptions.

The traditional Chinese medicine considers diabetes an affection of consumption and thirst, which are, in fact, the symptoms of this disease. By analyzing the symptoms, we have three consumptions: superior, medium and inferior. The term of 'superior consumption' is used to indicate the fluids consumption in the lungs which clinically manifests by thirst sensation and a big amount of water drank.

The medium consumption is used to indicate the hunger sensation and the bulimia that diabetics have; the inferior consumption is at the kidneys level and it manifests by continuous urination and in a big amount. During the treatment, the C transducer is placed on the three energetic points on the belly called Shenque (umbilical cord), Quay (sea of energy qi) and Guan Yuan (the barrier of the primordial energy), achieving with the help of the energy produced by the device to fill with energy the cellular tissues and to promote the adjusting functions of the tissues, to reestablish the harmony between the blood and the vital energy, the veins circulation and the energetic fluids to get more efficiently to the inner organs, in the bones and legs, skin and hair.

Only this way the functions of the organs and of all the tissues, like the metabolic processes can be improved and brought to a normal scale.

Inserting the energy produced by the device through Guan Yuan energetic point can lead to the cure of the medium consumption, which manifests itself by a permanent sensation of hunger.

This can be possible because the acupuncture point Guan Yuan is an important energetic point, where five of the energetic veins of the body intersect, the theories of Chinese traditional medicine having the explanation in the form of a poem: the intersection point of five veins is Guan Yuan, he develops the primordial energy and strengthens the body by supplementing the vital essence stocks, refreshes the yang and stops the collapse, removes humidity-hotness, if the energy goes deeper in that place, the effects of the treatment are very wide.

Guan Yuan point is also a storage place of the vital essence for men and the accumulation point of blood at women.

Beyond the effects of the multiple forms of energy, tonifying this energetic center you can grow primordial energy and the base of existence of the body , it tonifies the kidneys with immediate benefic effects on the vital energy, and if it's used the method of pouring or spreading, it will no longer have the inner hotness with positive effects on eliminating the excess humidity, with the rebuilding power of the yang and stopping the prolapsed. That's why, at the same time with strengthening the biological functions of the body and recovering the health of the body it produces an efficient stimulation of the oxygen metabolism in the pancreatic cellular tissue, making the insulin secretion, the elimination and transfer to be done in excellent terms, and from there the recovery function of the pancreas.

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